A few months ago, I was doing my weekly weekend shopping when I ran across this product at the mall. For a long time, I was looking for an at-home facial product, with all natural ingredients, that hydrated my face. I usually always recommend my friends to use oils over cream because most creams don’t moisturize how they should. For me I know personally both oils and creams have worked for me but I never seemed to find a product that gives me that spa facial feeling. For a month straight, I tried Quench Mircowater Complex and the results were unbelievable. I saw a difference in my face literally the first day of following the steps. 


Quench Micro Water Complex Foaming Cleanser: Creamy cleanser gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling revitalized and refreshingly clean. Restores moisture and softens skin for a fresh clean radiant complexion. 

Quench Mirco Water Complex Radiance Facial Peel: The facial Peel is a 100% natural exfoliant that strips away the most stubborn of residue while maintaining a delicate touch, even for my girls with sensitive skin. Unlike particle-based exfoliants and peels, the Radiance Facial Peel carefully clears away impurities and contaminants to stimulate the natural renewal mechanisms in your skin, creating a fresh and clear complexion that just won’t quit. 

Quench Mirco Water Complex Daily Glow Moisturizer: Feels like you’ve been blessed by the gods! One of my all times favorites moisturizer. It is light, and it skins into the skin immediately. It leaves the skin soft, glowing, and supple all day, allowing it to breathe and repair.  It is a true asset to any skin care collection, the Daily Glow Moisturizer will renew and firm the skin while proactively fighting harmful free radicals that accelerate the signs of aging. 



I have also found myself using Quench Mirco Water Complex True Brilliance Eye Serum: This specially formulated serum works deep within the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Personally, I suffer from wrinkles underneath my eye even though I am only in my 20’s. This works great, trust me when I say I have tried almost every anti-dark circle eye roller there is out here. This is the best eye serum ever! 

You can find all these amazing products here https://www.quenchcomplex.com


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